kevin nail

Born in Spokane, Washington in 1977, Kevin started melting glass as a teenager in 1994. Kevin was working in a restaurant where he met a cook who was teaching himself to blow glass. After becoming friends, Kevin was able to learn little tricks from the cook and acquire small scraps to play with; that was the beginning of a passion. Working secretly during the night in his basement room of his parent's house, Kevin was able to make small pipes and pendants with rudimentary equipment all while avoiding lighting the carpet on fire.

Going to school for Audio Production in 1997, Kevin met another glass blower, Ezra Zygmuntowicz, and started an apprenticeship making small pipes. School slid down the list of priorities and Kevin jumped in with both feet to blow glass full time. Through years of working with several highly skilled artists in multiple shops (such as Glass Works Park in Seattle, WA) Kevin was exposed to many different styles and was able to learn a wide array of techniques.

In time he's refined a style of minimal use of colored glass with a focus on gold and silver fuming for which he's become known. Whether pipes or marbles, the subtlety of color application through gold and silver fuming has continued to fascinate and inspire him.

Kevin continues to work with glass on the Oregon Coast while playing music on drums, bass, and piano as much as he has time for.